One-on-one executive career coaching

The best leaders make the people around them successful. By teaming up with Kim Vella, a qualified and accredited executive coach, high-level corporate and public service professionals can access expert, one-on-one counsel. By learning skills to lead a productive and positive team, you will create a purposeful future for yourself.

As leadership demands are complicated and relentless, few people can do it alone – and thrive. If you want to do more than just survive in your workplace, executive coaching will give you the tools to improve performance, secure a promotion, navigate any roadblocks and increase self-awareness. Live and work in step with your core values.

One-on-one coaching programs, include:

Elite executive coaching

This program is for CEOs and senior leaders, like you. You will develop an actionable roadmap that incorporates who you are right now, how you want to lead and what legacy you would like to leave. It is long term, rather than a point-in-time strategy.

Life and career balance

Have more control over your own schedule, without the guilt and sacrifices. This program will help you make critical life and career decisions that respect both these priorities. You will feel less overwhelmed about your future.

Returning to work

This program will support your transition back into the workforce. You will address any self-doubt and set achievable goals as you re-enter the leadership ranks. Time off is not time wasted. It’s an opportunity to redefine your career expectations.

Thriving through change

This program will define your next career chapter, following redundancy or a requested voluntary redundancy (VR). Changing climates can cause uncertainty for all leaders. You will face your future with a purpose and strategy.