Network of Possibility

"I like that the Network isn't your usual 'networking' group. It is about something much deeper than most people's idea of 'success'."

– Eve Sawa, Creative Director, VoxCor (fashion label)

About the Network
Reasons to join
How to join the Network

About the Network

The Network of Possibility is a philanthropic initiative designed to unite community-minded Canberra professionals who want to use their time, energy and skills 'to give'. Through a series of formal and informal fundraising events, the Network proudly supports local charities, including Karinya House, Toora Women Inc., and YWCA Canberra.

The aim of the Network is to influence social change and provide a meaningful way for people to connect and contribute. This is a relationship-driven network where we prioritise getting to know each other in a neutral and inclusive space. It’s about understanding what your purpose is (not your level, status or rank).

Reasons to join the Network

Connect with like-minded people and make a positive contribution to the community through the Network’s fundraising efforts.

Expand your circle of influence and build capacity to drive change through collaborative activities and enterprises.

Share stories (defeats as well as triumphs), and learn from others in an engaging and encouraging environment.

How to join the Network

Want to get involved? Chat to Dr Kim Vella about the Network:

Email: | Mobile: +61 422 749 649