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Crises and careers

Sometimes a crisis forces you to look hard at life, including where you are in your career. A life crisis can be unexpected. Cancer can hit. An accident can put […]

The art of listening

Tim, a senior manager, was chairing a meeting on a work matter that needed immediate resolution and the support of his team. He talked, and talked and talked, explaining over […]

Serena–take 2

The recent, and much anticipated, interview on ‘The Project’ with Lisa Wilkinson showed an up close and personal side of Serena Williams, coping with the pressures of being the most […]

EQ: The Serena saga

The whole world is talking about Serena Williams at the U.S. Open. And Chair umpire Carlos Ramos. The rage continues from all sides. How you look at this high-profile and […]

Stay calm and carry on

Another day, another Prime Minister. More ministerial changes. More public servants suffering a sense of upheaval. It’s true that change is the only constant, but with mega change like the […]

Feel like a fraud? Part 2

What makes certain successful people feel like imposters? Why are they weighed down by persistent self-doubt and fear of being exposed as frauds? The imposter syndrome is real and complex. […]