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Can you see your EQ?

You’re smart. You’re qualified. You’re experienced. So why aren’t you progressing in your career? It could be you’re lacking a healthy dose of EQ, or emotional quotient. ‘Smarts and experience […]

Female leader working

Lead at the next level

Is it ever too early to start developing leadership skills? The short answer is ‘no’, says Executive Career Coach Kim Vella. ‘It doesn’t matter whether you aspire to be the […]

Bad work habits

Sometimes we can’t see how we behave at work. We believe we’re acting professionally. We shake our heads when others behave badly, thinking we’d never do the same. But when […]

Pressured to be perfect?

We’re encouraged to pursue perfectionism in our careers, to the point where many of us continually exert significant pressure on ourselves. Every day we strive to reach the top of […]

Hate your job?

Bang. Just like that it’s the second month of 2018. You’re either back at work with a recharged battery, keen on making this a cracker of a year, or you’re […]

Mentor or coach?

Confused between mentoring and executive career coaching? Do you need one or the other? Good question. One thing is for sure. Navigating your way through your professional world without professional […]