Network of Possibility – Bronwynne’s Journey to Thunder Thighs


Dr Kim Vella, Chief Coach, Kim Vella Coaching


Bronwynne Jones loves her perfect pear shape. What she doesn’t love is not being able to buy stylish, quality clothes off the rack because the fashion industry (for the most part) doesn’t design for those with ‘thunder thighs’. The solution? Become a fashion designer, open your own label and design and make your garments. It’s not always been an easy ride from frustrated consumer to ‘Thunder Thighs Fashion’ but Bronwynne is glad she took the leap. You’ll be inspired by her journey, including her sheer determination to get creative for women with ‘unconventional’ shapes.


The Network of Possibility isn’t networking as you know it. It’s a philanthropic network for community-minded Canberra professionals who want to use their time, energy and skills to give and learn. It’s designed for women and men who want to connect, share knowledge and experience. Each Network of Possibility raises funds for a charity that works to eliminate violence against women, children and families. Charities include Karinya HouseToora Women Inc., and YWCA Canberra.

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