The beauty of online learning: top advantages

It’s the next wave in the sea of learning opportunities. Pretty soon, everyone will be doing it (indeed many millions are already).

We’re talking about online learning.

Dr Kim Vella offers a wide range of topical leadership courses for those wanting to study from the comfort of their own home, a café or, well, anywhere you can access the Internet.

Kim has taught online public and private sector participants from across Australia and New Zealand.

Online learning—at least that designed and taught by professionals—is as effective as face-to-face education. Indeed, it offers many additional advantages (see ‘Top six advantages’).


While many trainers are increasing the number of participants in their online courses (masses = greater profit), Kim has done the opposite, keeping her courses small. This way, participants have more time with Kim and with each other. They can communicate more effectively, and everyone can be fully engaged and enjoy meaningful conversations.

Kim’s online courses mirror the structure of her successful face-to-face workshops. They start at a set time with group work, but in a virtual meeting room. Participants then work in virtual break out rooms, with Kim popping in and out (virtually of course).

The two-day courses allow plenty of time for individual reflection, planning and group activities. Breaks are regularly incorporated so participants stay fresh and have a chance to recharge and relax.

Course content is made easily available through Zoom Video Communications so there’s no need to access email.

Kim carefully designs course material around scientific evidence, combining it with her knowledge and experience. She has a PhD in Sociology, Executive Master of Public Administration, Bachelor of Arts, Diploma Workplace and Business Coaching and is a Conversational Intelligence® for Coaches Enhanced Skills Practitioner. She transitioned to coaching following two decades in roles leading people in the Australian Public Service and at the Australian National University.

Do the courses work? See what participants have to say.


  • Sheer comfort and convenience

Research is clear. We learn more when we’re comfortable in our learning environment. Now you get to choose where to learn. No more cold, impersonal classrooms with uncomfortable seating. OK, not everyone is going to learn at home in their pjs but the option is there.

  • Save money and time

Online courses cost you less, because trainers don’t have the expense of renting spaces to teach in. Also, you save on travel, accommodation and even parking. You also save on travel time.

  • Greater choice

It used to be that only select courses were offered online. Today, many more are. Dr Kim Vella offers all her leadership topics online and works with organisations to tailor courses.

  • Great way to connect with others

Professionally developed online courses are interactive and inspirational. You meet new contacts, including some outside your immediate sphere. The possibilities available through a greater network are endless.

  • Learn more

It’s not always easy to focus in a large classroom setting or workshop. They can be disruptive and noisy. Online learning is more peaceful.

  • Better for the environment

Yup. It’s true. Without the need to travel, we use less energy and fewer CO2 emissions.


‘My biggest fear was that the “online” aspect would be a terrible experience. It wasn’t. It was surprisingly good and was delivered in a positive, friendly and informative way. Kim’s down-to-earth touch—backed by experience—was just the right mix of familiarity and humour.’

‘Kim is amazing. She’s passionate, driven, and extremely knowledgeable. Kim has a relaxed and engaging communication style which keeps me engaged throughout her sessions and encourages me to take action.’

‘I have actually already recommended this course to my friends and other members of my team and I told them that this was inspiring, useful and interactive!’


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