What I learned about leadership from David Pocock, new Senator for the Australian Capital Territory

Different leaders have different strengths. Recently elected to the Senate of Australia, David Pocock is a former professional rugby union player and now the first Independent senator to represent the ACT. 

David was recently interviewed by 2XXFM 98.3. Via LocalnLive presenter, Banksy, I was able to ask David several questions which I can share with you here.

In this interview, David speaks about the strengths and leadership qualities he will bring to his new role as Senator for the ACT…

KV (via Banksy): What mentors and coaches have helped you achieve success off and on the field?

David: One of the things you realise when you’re playing professional sport is that our whole idea of individual achievement is a myth. For anyone who’s achieved something, there are many people who have helped them along the way and sacrificed a huge amount to give them those opportunities.

Growing up, my parents were very supportive of my rugby. Mum would drive me everywhere. It’s hard to imagine how much of her life has been ferrying me and  brothers around. My dad coached the primary school rugby team, so he was a big part of it too, and there was always a coach who would spark an interest or give good feedback on how to nurture a skill.

I always tried to have people I looked up to outside of rugby. One of them was Desmond Tutu. He is a hero of mine for how he lived his life and showed leadership.

KV (via Banksy): Perhaps most importantly, how does Senator Pocock want to show up as a politician?

David: I want to be authentic. I want to be able to be myself and represent a community I love. To do that, I need to be accessible and accountable to our community. 

I made commitments during the campaign as to how I would do that and now we’ve been busy building a team, getting systems in place, and setting up an office so we can start to deliver on those commitments and stay connected to the community.

Banksy: Many, many years from now, looking back on your political career, however long from now that may be, what would you want your legacy to be? 

David: One of the things I have always kept in mind and had written in my locker when I was playing rugby, is to do what you say you’ll do.

A good start will be to work on delivering the things that the ACT community have told me they want and to continue engaging people on those issues. Being committed to actually doing things differently and to doing them better while being more accessible as a politician and transparent in the way that I actually do things is so important.

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