Time to be a strategic leader?

A common complaint made by leaders in today’s crazy work world is that there’s so little time. So little time to even think about being a leader or being a better leader.

It’s frustrating since as a leader you’re expected to have vision. More than ever you’re expected to be innovative, collaborative, entrepreneurial and effective. You’re expected to always be at the top of your game.

‘A big lesson for many leaders is that they can’t achieve all of this alone,’ says Dr Kim Vella, an internationally accredited executive career coach. ‘External expert support is essential, but efficiency is key.’

With these issues in mind, Kim has designed a Strategic Leadership course (5 to 6 June) to support time-poor leaders to catapult to the next level. ‘It’s an intensive two-day course, but it guarantees to give leaders the skills needed to get there,’ says Kim.

Over the two days, Kim supports leaders to:

  1. explore collaborative leadership styles and behaviours
  2. develop a growth mindset and capacity for innovation
  3. strengthen resilience and integrity
  4. create a plan to steer your career on a strategic leadership track.

‘I know it’s two days out of the office,’ says Kim, ‘but with a bit of planning and determination, most leaders can manage it, and should manage it.’

Day one covers strategic performance for innovation, including practical ways to shift focus, develop new skills and new ways of thinking. The course also helps leaders identify strategic and practical steps for advancement.

Operating with integrity and building emotional intelligence are other major topics and you’ll learn about your behavioural style by developing a DISC Profile® assessment.

Day two covers essentials around core coaching competencies, how to avoid pre-conceived judgments and how to ask powerful questions for clarity, action and discovery.

Resilience, performance and learning to prioritise what matters are also key. ‘It’s amazing how many leaders so quickly park their health and wellbeing for their profession,’ says Kim. ‘It truly doesn’t have to be that way. Any leader can learn to make personal changes and be more effective. Those who do are productive and happy.’

One highlight of the course is how leaders develop an action plan that puts everything into practice and sets them on a strategic leadership track. ‘We want leaders at all levels to commit to active steps that will achieve lasting results,’ says Kim. ‘Without a plan, life passes leaders by.’

Kim is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coach Federation, and she adheres to the Federation’s Code of Ethics. Kim is also Certified in Conversational Intelligence. She conducts personal coaching and runs leadership workshops throughout the year using a down-to-earth and non-judgmental approach.

Kim designs her workshops around evidence-based research, so they’re meaningful, relevant and effective.

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