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Dr Kim Vella, internationally accredited coach and former SES Band 1 executive with the Australian Public Service, delivers one-on-one coaching sessions and adaptable leadership workshops designed for senior professionals in the private and public sectors.

"Kim is a passionate, practical, and a broad-minded critical thinker who approaches her
coaching sessions with constructive and positive energy. My time with her was invaluable.”
– Gina Dario, Assistant Secretary, Australian Electoral Commission

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  • Time to learn online: new workshops

    Online leadership learning. Is it for you? Why wouldn’t it be? Aside from financial and time-saving benefits, online workshops are now a proven method for learning, and one that leading-edge […]

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  • Learning from leading Millennials

    This article isn’t written for Millennials although they’re more than welcome to read it. This article is written for everyone in the workforce who believes that Millennials are challenging, if […]

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  • Why it’s healthy to reveal your failures

    It sounds scary and it can be. Malicious envy. What’s interesting about this destructive and powerful emotion is how successful leaders can trigger it. Let’s start with some definitions. You […]

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  • Crises and careers

    Sometimes a crisis forces you to look hard at life, including where you are in your career. A life crisis can be unexpected. Cancer can hit. An accident can put […]

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Dr Kim Vella has a down-to-earth and non-judgemental approach. She believes everyone should feel valued, respected and supported in leadership – and in life.

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