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Uplifting individuals, teams, and organisations

My mission as an executive coach is to help leaders develop a transformative mindset.

I employ an approach grounded in evidence and centred on strengths to guide individuals and teams as they navigate the volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous challenges of today’s leadership landscape. This includes building resilience, emotional intelligence, and an aptitude for innovative problem solving.

Any coach can help people develop horizontally, but vertical development is where we see a profound return on investment. It’s about more than learning a new method or tool – it’s about mastering adaptive leadership which is grounded in self-growth.

We need adaptive, mature, and insightful leaders who can help their people and organisations be the same.

Kim Vella

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Dr Kim Vella, internationally accredited coach and former SES Band 1 executive with the Australian Public Service, delivers one-on-one coaching sessions and adaptable leadership workshops designed for senior professionals in the private and public sectors.

"Kim is a passionate, practical, and a broad-minded critical thinker who approaches her
coaching sessions with constructive and positive energy. My time with her was invaluable.”
– Gina Dario, Assistant Secretary, Australian Electoral Commission

Articles + Business

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Dr Kim Vella has a down-to-earth and non-judgemental approach. She believes everyone should feel valued, respected and supported in leadership – and in life.

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