One-on-one executive career coaching

Don’t be an ordinary leader. Be an extraordinary one. Team up with Kim Vella, a qualified and accredited executive coach, for expert, one-on-one career coaching. Kim inspires corporate and public service professionals to create purposeful futures. Gain the tools needed to improve performance, secure a promotion, navigate roadblocks, increase self-awareness and work with your core values.


Elite executive coaching

CEOs and senior leaders learn to develop an actionable roadmap. You’ll cover who you are now, how you want to lead and the legacy you want to leave. This career coaching helps you with a long-term, rather than a point-in-time strategy.


Life and career balance coaching

Have more control over your own schedule, without guilt and sacrifices. Learn how to make critical life and career decisions that respect each other. This career coaching helps you feel less overwhelmed about your future.


Returning to work coaching

Transitioning back into the workforce isn’t always easy. Re-enter the leadership ranks with renewed career expectations. This career coaching helps you address self-doubt and set achievable goals.


Thriving through change coaching

Facing redundancy or accepting a voluntary redundancy? It’s time to define the next chapter in your career. Address the uncertainties caused by change. With this career coaching, you’ll face your future with purpose and strategy.


Entrepreneur coaching

You’ve taken the plunge and have become an entrepreneur, or are thinking of starting your own business. What are the challenges? How do you ensure success? What fears will you have to overcome? This entrepreneur coaching helps you build confidence, and plan and execute with precision.

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