"My biggest fear before working with Kim as my coach was not being clear about the outcomes I was seeking and whether I was wasting time and money. That didn't happen. I loved being introduced to Kim's network because it opened my eyes to what other people outside my industry/company were making possible. I found this most inspiring. Working with Kim built me up from the inside out.  She made me understand that I was capable of achieving what I wanted and introduced me to concepts and people which moved me forward to achieve my objective of starting my own business."

– Luisa Capezio, CEO, Independent Care Solutions



“The favourite part of my coaching sessions with Kim was the openness of the conversations. I felt like I was not judged and Kim made it feel like I was talking to someone I knew a very long time, like an old friend or family member. Kim’s approach to instil trust open-up is fantastic.”

– Bob Jankovic, Client Advisor, RAW Chartered Accountants



“As an entrepreneur and creating a business from scratch, my greatest fear was that I would find out I was doing everything all wrong. Although you helped me identify things I need to work on, these weren't as numerous as I was afraid of. Working together has affirmed there are a lot of things I am doing well and this has helped build my confidence to shape a business.”

– Emma Batchelor, Founder and Editor, Leiden

“I appreciated how empathetic and supportive Kim is – which is what I needed at the time. Kim is very open in sharing her wisdom and works productively to get the most out of each session. She is very genuine, cares for people and is quick to understand what intervention will work. She works flexibly – she’ll grab the right questions and tools to help with your unique situation.”

–  Silvia Liertz, Director, Department of Employment



“Working with an executive coach was a critical component of my transition to SES.  For me, focused conversations with someone completely outside my working environment facilitated an open and frank dialog. From our first meeting, I knew that Kim was someone who I knew I could trust to talk through my insecurities and refocus my energies with attainable goals and strategies. Kim is a passionate, practical, and a broad-minded critical thinker who approaches her coaching sessions with constructive and positive energy.  My time with her was invaluable.”

– Gina Dario, Assistant Secretary, Australian Electoral Commission



“Kim is awesome and so much fun. She is also extremely smart, I feel like 'she gets me'. Our sessions together always leave me with lots to reflect on and a big smile on my face!”

 Lesley Harris, Director & Founder, Act of Women Giving

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