"My colleagues held Kim in high regard, and I was eager to meet her and learn from her expertise. Kim's experience, presentation, and the outcomes she delivers are truly impressive.

Kim quickly built a relationship of trust with me, helping me transition from a fixed to a growth mindset in my leadership approach. She provided tools for working more effectively with my team. During our executive coaching sessions, Kim made me realise that focusing primarily on my technical skills could hinder my career progression. She guided me to concentrate on building team capability and harnessing collective efforts to deliver successful outcomes.

Kim's guidance has been inspiring, and she has helped me develop a desire to inspire a sense of purpose in others. My goal is to become a good, trusted leader, and Kim's assistance has been invaluable at this critical stage in my career."

–Faisal Sheikh, Department of Defence



“Kim put me at ease from the moment we first met, encouraging open conversations about all aspects of my career and life plan. I enjoyed throwing ideas around and seeing how to do breakdown the for and against in deciding on future goals and directions.

The short, medium, and long term planning was easy and highlighted where my focus for the future should be and the steps to fulfilling my goals.

Kim is a very experienced coach with practical knowledge and tools to encourage and engage clients to bring out their best. I would highly recommend Kim as a coach.”

– Kelly Siddall, Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade



“I am incredibly grateful for the personalised professional development opportunity I had with Kim, especially during a time when such opportunities were scarce. Kim's ability to maintain a relaxed atmosphere while addressing heavy topics was refreshing, and her strong, positive female leadership and mentorship were truly valuable to me.

The executive coaching sessions, tailored to my specific challenges, were a highlight, in contrast to my previous experiences with less relevant, prescribed programs. I gained valuable insights into my team members' work styles and preferences, which helped me develop strategies to maximise our team's productivity. The 360 feedback also helped me better support my team members and provided a degree of affirmation.

On a personal level, Kim's critique of my public speaking skills was incredibly helpful. I continue to utilise her techniques. I encourage everyone to make the most of Kim's expertise by committing time to prepare for, reflect on, and follow up on the sessions and activities undertaken. Having Kim in your corner is a privilege you won't want to miss.”

– AC, Senior Lecturer, Australian university


“I appreciated how empathetic and supportive Kim is – which is what I needed at the time. Kim is very open in sharing her wisdom and works productively to get the most out of each session. She is very genuine, cares for people and is quick to understand what intervention will work. She works flexibly – she’ll grab the right questions and tools to help with your unique situation.”

–  Silvia Liertz, Director, Department of Employment



“Working with an executive coach was a critical component of my transition to SES.  For me, focused conversations with someone completely outside my working environment facilitated an open and frank dialog. From our first meeting, I knew that Kim was someone who I knew I could trust to talk through my insecurities and refocus my energies with attainable goals and strategies. Kim is a passionate, practical, and a broad-minded critical thinker who approaches her coaching sessions with constructive and positive energy.  My time with her was invaluable.”

– Gina Dario, Assistant Secretary, Australian Electoral Commission



“The favourite part of my coaching sessions with Kim was the openness of the conversations. I felt like I was not judged and Kim made it feel like I was talking to someone I knew a very long time, like an old friend or family member. Kim’s approach to instil trust open-up is fantastic.”

– Bob Jankovic, Accountant



“As an entrepreneur and creating a business from scratch, my greatest fear was that I would find out I was doing everything all wrong. Although you helped me identify things I need to work on, these weren't as numerous as I was afraid of. Working together has affirmed there are a lot of things I am doing well and this has helped build my confidence to shape a business.”

– EB, Founder and Author

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