Leadership workshops

Dr Kim Vella is a Canberra-based executive coach and facilitator who creates and delivers high-performance workshops designed to refine capabilities, explore emerging management tools and up-skill professionals in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.

The following two-day programs have been developed specifically for the Australian Public Service (APS), including essential skills and key strategic leadership competencies for individuals and teams to excel in the APS.

Strategic Leadership Program for EL1 & 2s

This program is designed to support high-potential Executive Level 1 & 2 officers contribute more fully and strategically to agency success. Today’s highest performing Executive Level staff can play a central role in addressing some of the most important challenges facing any portfolio. You will learn Conversational Intelligence® skills that can boost your effectiveness in this arena.

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The Women’s Leadership Forum

This forum focuses on the link between innovation and leadership. You will explore leadership best practices and exchange ideas with other highly successful Executive Level 1 & 2 and high-potential APS 6 women from across the APS. You will return to work with new strategies for creating environments that foster and sustain innovation.

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Conversational Agility for EL1 & 2s

This program provides an opportunity to engage with an evidence-based curriculum, which integrates theory and practice with real-world applications. You will learn how to improve your conversations, immediately, using practical tools. It will allow you to make deeper connections with others and apply the Conversational Intelligence® framework  to your leadership practice.

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Leadership Essentials for APS 5 & 6s

This program is designed to help you lead and succeed in increasingly complex APS roles. Join other emerging leaders as you prepare to expand your responsibilities and tackle “wicked” public sector challenges. You will explore values, beliefs, attitudes and associations – and their impact on your leadership style and behaviour.

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Workshop feedback from participants

  • "I really liked Kim's presentation style. She was instantly engaged with the group and the workshop flowed in a very relaxed style."
  • "Kim has a fabulous presence and is really engaging. Learnt a lot from her but also the way she encouraged others to participate was excellent."
  • "Kim has an extensive background in APS, which allowed her to use case studies and examples that provided concrete example of the material.”
  • "Enthralling reminds me of Ellen Degeneres. Kim’s an excellent presenter."

Want to know more?

Contact Kim Vella to discuss alternative options for your business or workplace. If you have a team of 10 or more people, it may be more cost-effective for Kim to bring the training to you. Check the event calendar for upcoming workshops.