Be amazing: women leaders

Women have got what it takes to be dynamite leaders but what stops so many from smashing through equity barriers?

Dr Kim Vella believes many women simply aren’t equipped with the right leadership skills, abilities and tools. ‘To arm themselves, women must take charge of their own development and sign up for personal development that teaches the practical tips and techniques they need to get to the next level,’ says Kim. ‘This is how women can build confidence.’

As an accredited executive career coach, Kim continually sees women who want the same rewards as their male counterparts but who are lost on how to achieve them. And she sees many women who don’t have an action plan, which is essential for success.

Kim says to become extraordinary leaders, women need to:

  1. Build capacity for innovation and a growth mindset.
    2. Develop collaborative leadership behaviours that are informed and authentic.
    3. Strengthen your resilience and integrity.
    4. Create a plan to steer your career on a strategic leadership track.

To provide support, Kim has tailor-made an intensive, two-day workshop called ‘Lead with impact: Become an amazing woman leader.’

‘This course is 100 per cent guaranteed to give women the skills to become a better leader, starting the minute they complete the workshop,’ says Kim. ‘We focus on the essentials, but in a relaxed, inviting and inspirational way.’

Topics covered over the two days include:

  • shifting from technical expert to leader
  • identifying and avoiding decision making traps and mental biases
  • harnessing authenticity
  • developing a DISC Profile®
  • learning true performance coaching
  • sustaining performance without sacrificing health and wellbeing
  • setting personal agendas to make time for innovation
  • creating an action plan.

In addition to the workshop, women attend an exclusive networking event where they can make new contacts with like-minded professionals. And they also get a free one-on-one executive career coaching session post workshop to support their ongoing engagement in learning.

‘Lead with impact: Become an amazing woman leader’ is being held in Canberra 4 and 5 July. Registrations are open now, with an early bird special available.

Kim is a highly qualified and experienced accredited career coach. She’s down-to-earth and facilitates workshops in a positive way. The content in her workshops is developed based on sound research and evidence, making it highly effective. You can learn more about leadership by signing up to Kim’s newsletter.

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