Join Kim Vella in a new weekly ‘Positive Plenary’ online group session

As we know, we are all continuing to face unprecedented times and the disruption to the way we relate, connect, work and live together has, and will continue to be for some months ahead, debilitating.

However, we are where we are, and it is uncertain when life will return to how it was before COVID-19, so we have to adapt and embrace the current situation with as much positivity as we can muster.

As you may be aware, last week we held our first ever virtual networking event for Canberra’s change makers – The Network of Possibility – which was a huge success.

It was an incredible example of adjusting to this challenging phase and we welcomed over 20 online attendees, all engaging with one another and sharing aspirations, wisdom and questions with our hosts. Cy Fahey shared his energy, creating a unique online atmosphere as the wonderful Melanie Greenhalgh spoke about strategies for wellbeing and success in the face of inevitable changes in our social filters as we age.

With this in mind and to continue to connect and engage with each other, we are launching the ‘Positive Plenary’ – a weekly complimentary 30-minute online group session which aims to create relationships and build support during times of rapid change.

It’s important for us to, not only make an impact and play a bigger part in what matters most to us, but also nourish ourselves and retain our capacity to get through the next few months ensuring we have the physical and emotional capacity to be ready to achieve great things when life gets back to normal.

Positive Plenary 
noun phrase
1. a group program which allows you to connect, share your triumphs and defeats, and be supported to achieve your goals.

WHAT: 30-minute online group session facilitated by Kim Vella

FORMAT: Take part in mindfulness exercises, share motivational stories and discuss and worries or opportunities

WHEN: Every Friday at 1:00pm

HOW: Via Zoom

SIGN UP: Email and you will receive an invitation

As part of Kim Vella’s regular coaching sessions, she has been facilitating ‘Positive Plenary’ sessions with her clients – here are a few comments from those who have taken part:

“My biggest fear was probably the level of commitment required on my end and whether I could sustain that! The only commitment required is to show up and be open to new possibilities. I was able to hear stories and felt comfortable sharing my stories – it was a really open and comfortable, non-judgemental space. I have gained a lot from these sessions and have formed a deep connection with myself and others through sharing experiences and hearing about their journeys and challenges.”

“My favourite part of Positive Plenary is the insight you get from Kim – she is amazingly gifted and always has actionable strategies to help me through whatever challenge I’m facing. I really value the time I can spend working through issues with Kim and the group and it has helped me get through some difficult challenges.”

“Kim listens and doesn’t judge – she understands challenges and offers actionable advice. She makes me feel motivated and positive and is definitely someone I enjoy learning from and interacting with.”

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