Will I, won’t I? The value of women networking

When women network, it opens opportunities for collaboration, employment, and mentoring. That’s exactly what has happened since the launch of the Network of Possibility on 9 November – there’s been a buzz of excitement and energy, with members already creating new ideas and social connection. Now, we’d like to see more women bringing their voices to the conversation!

The Network of Possibility is welcoming, to all women.

The Network unites local business and professional women, women on maternity leave, women who are returning to work – there’s a great diversity of women who are joining the Network, which cuts across sectors, age range, background, level and type of expertise. One of our members is a high-school student, whose enthusiasm and perspective is being embraced.

This has got me thinking about my criteria for assessing the value of a network and whether it’s something I want to join. Here they are:

1. Are members in the network helpful, and contributing new ideas and connections, as well as new information and data?

2. Are they communicating effectively?

3. Are they more interested in finding out about who are you and what you can contribute than your level, status, or rank?

4. Is there space for your voice – your own authentic voice, as opposed to the one you think you need to adopt at work to fit in/be successful?

5. Are members open to being approached outside of the events?

If still you’re debating will I, won’t I join the Network of Possibility, I encourage you to come along to our next event on 8 February 2017. You will love our Ask Me Anything(AMA) – where three network members speak for three minutes each and we then get to ask them anything! Our high-school student member is a confirmed speaker in February.

Membership is free! Want to know more? Please contact me to have a chat.

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